Thursday, August 7, 2008


I haven't blogged. And here it goes =p (I'm still in the process of editing IC!!!1 =P)


Sherwin on MTV!!!

haha kidding!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cosign that Dyno... IC at OTM/StreetsOfGOLD

This is not a Game People!!!! IC is taking over! July was bananas! Seriously
First Streets of Gold blazing the trail of a unique gathering of Hip-Hop, Live Art, Merch,and Crafts in one festival for the masses! Then IC's Opening show at OTM! 300 + bodies in attendance?!! Special performance by Alexander Spit and HOPIE SPITSHARD!? r.jess acoustic duo touchin' hearts and killin' um softly? Big Up to the Dj's , Jeremy, Hopie, Alex, all MCS, IC, the fam, the children, and vtown for a wild debut into the east bay gallery scene! And mad thanx for Streets of Gold in SF and all the crews, artists, musicians, and merchants that gave me some more creativity. Can't for SOG2, BYOA and the future of IC! Thank you Jesus for this great day and thank you for allowing me the pleasure to be a part of my favorite crew......


your favorite art crew!
Individual Collective @ OTM Gallery - Dyno