Monday, April 28, 2008


so seeing that i haven't made a contribution to the blog yet i would like to post the following:

yay teamwork!


I.C Collabo

Sunday, April 27, 2008


tanooki's giant turtle festival

Friday, April 25, 2008

Launchpad Progress

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped piece together the press kit tonight. I'll try to have a draft out to you guys as soon as I can. Before people started arriving, I worked on Launchpad a bit more... here's the latest, Enjoy!

Get up. Stay up.

P.S.: For those interested in building their vocabulary while at the same time helping to feed the hungry go to

Thursday, April 24, 2008

i got these critters for a buck a piece on  

i made this mega dope creature

it got wobbly after i added the ghettoblaster

;p''''''' ' ' ' ''

Dyno on MYX TV and umquabajaaja bank news.

MYX TV VJ James rocks a DYNO is my homeboy shirt on his show, Loveable.

check out
for more info on your Asian-American Music Channel.

ps. i called up Sharron, the one who invited us to do a show at the bank across starbucks, and she says its on May 30th.
i asked if we can have our names on the flyer and shes going to try her best on that one. i think we can really throw a good event with this. and even a place to exhibit our pieces. what you guys think?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Progress Bar

Here's a piece some of you may have seen me work on at the last meeting. Thought I'd share how far I've gotten with it...

There's still a lot of details to work out, but so far I'm happy with it. Enjoy!

Get up. Stay up.

New Myspace Layout

Check out our new layout on myspace. I hope you all like it, lemme know what you think!

this is straight off of my own blogger..

i don't know why i started a seperate blog from myspace...i guess to not get distracted of all the myspace features and such...
whatever here it goes...

Last week was a pretty busy week. im glad to say that im pushing out alot of art these days. i guess being influenced by graffiti has taught me to be quick at finishing up pieces. new pieces and collabo's with Individual Collective artists being posted up soon.

last week i got a message from this guy mike putting a 'graffiti' video project together and wanted to interview me and get footage of me live painting. here goes a good shot of that...

i asked him in return to model one of my new designs titled RNB (can you guess what that stands for?) he ended up buying the live piece i did...

i also got a chance to be featured as an artist in the Vallejo Art Showcase in VHS. the people i met there were cool. got a live painting going on while displaying a few pieces this dude wanted a print straight out of my portfolio which i wasn't planning on selling...but since he liked it so much i let him buy it. later for appreciating my art i ended up painting him an original on a wood panel for the heck of it. i had the free time...

then came Saturday's Artist Square! i love this event because it brings most of Individual Collective together and get creative while onlookers from the farmers market pass by and mingle with us. here are a few photos from my intern: Diamond...

if only jess was looking up then it would look like im painting a portrait. haha...

and to end off the week i was especially happy to see my nanay and my uncle joel randomly show while i was painting. thanks for the photo uncle.

i wish i could just paint and be this happy all the time.
plus spend more time with my girlfriend. a shout out to Christy..i love you.

-JR aka DYNO

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Grouch - ARTSY

The new Individual Collective theme song!! Haha, nah its some dope eye candy though, I had to post it up and share with my brothers and sisters. Enjoy!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Work in Progress....

Hey Yallz! I wanted to post up a illo I was doing for practice. Would love some feed back from the IC. Any ways I'm working on my Bio and remembered that we wanted to see what everyone is working on besides our colabs so here's one from SRS. Had fun on Saturday and this Saturday is going to be wild for me cause I got a Caricature Job at at SF City Hall for a Prom with my former Boss and mentor Rene Pulido! I'll talk to you all tomorrow night!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

importance of Bios

After the last meeting with Ms. G I think that we have a better understanding of what we need to do as a group.

I realized that our bios are very important. If we are not clear what we want and what our own personal goals are, we will not know what we want from IC. In making our bios, we can get a better understanding of where everybody stands in the group. Also getting to know one another will make us more unified as a group. These bios are not only for people to see what we are about, but to make clear and make us remember why we are artist and why we are in IC. Once everyones bios are done, we can all read them and to find what our common goals are. This will enable us to make a stronger mission statement and a stronger press kit.

As of now, it is really important for us to get this all done because we are meeting a lot of important people, but it is hard to represent ourselves because our mission statement is not set in stone.

All we need to do is just keep pushing forward.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Bios and Press Kit

Hey IC!

Just got done with a very informative meeting with Jeanette and here's where we stand. Before anything happens, we need that press kit completed with all of our bios and mission statement. So, after talking amongst everyone at the meeting, it was agreed that by the next meeting (Tuesday, April 22nd @ Federley Gallery... or however you spell it) everyone should have their bios completed. Here's what you should have:

- A photo of yourself
- No less than 4 images of your work. (Some current work, and some older stuff to show your development)
- A written bio about who you are
- An written artist statement about your artwork

The written stuff can be in any format: typed, handwritten, stone tablet, whatever... your images, since they will be used in print should be as big as you can possibly get them. Either take photos (call our photographers!) or high res scans (300dpi at least). No matter how you do it, get it to Nico at before Tuesday or bring it to the meeting to ensure you make it into the press kit. If not, we cannot promise that you will be represented!! So there it is! TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY!!!! You have been warned!!

If there are any questions, concerns, or you just need some help, don't be afraid to hook up with someone so that you can get this done. Never forget, we are here to help each other out and to look out for one another. This group isn't called Individual Individuals... Plus I need other people to call me besides my girlfriend an my mommy because I'm not using enough minutes on my phone to justify my rate plan.

Oh... and, Tuesday! ... *one more for good measure*

Get Up. Stay Up.

Reality Check

Controversy is a foe the collective has met numerous times before, that being said i would like to state the it has been thwarted once again.

We set some things straight tonight and I didn't observe any one that was at tonights meeting with Ms.G becoming discouraged.

I observed a refocusing of devotions and an steps in the right direction .

She laid it all out a bit and tonight being the second meeting, we are more incline to listen and co-operate with Ms.G. I'm not saying that she has me sold or that I'm all in, but she has a lot of knowledge, know how, and resources. We stand to gain the most in this partnership and that is what matters to me the most.

I see that we need to work on organization which we know, but if we do not learn to communicate and keep one another on the same page things will start to fall apart.

So lets grab it by the throat y'all we have some shit to do!!!!
"excuse my French"

Monday, April 14, 2008

THings to think about.

Hey guys,
So because there was some kinks that had to be worked out the equipment wasn't available for the shoot at the farmers market. So we will commence with production as spoken about in the last meting . Same time same place hopefully every body can make it.

If you are not available for the farmers market shoot consider us filming our next meeting to allow a presentation of our commitment to be available for the future.

Oh and our myspace is looking a little boaring time for a new back ground. Im thinking once we have our head shots we could put them all on one jpeg and boom a cool back ground. Im just hoping that we stay focused so things dont fall through the cracks.

--the YOung one VIRGIL--

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Attention all Artists!!! Distressing News.....

Hey yallz. I haven't read this all the way through but from the jist I get that congress has a bill called the Orphaned Works Bill that will allow any one to take your art and use it and not pay you or credit your creation. Check this out and spread the word to all IC and friends.

Here is an interview about this issue:

Please everyone spread the word to all your artists friends and colleagues!!


Friday, April 11, 2008

At the Farmers Market Sessions

Most of the peopl who made it to week 1

Check out my myspace for more from or Farmers Market Sessions.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


pics from my fresno weekend.. go to mi picasa if u wanna see it biiig

saw some underground flinstone, myst, caveman style dwellings
good ol' classic chalk drawing
and fresh murals in downtown

love it. soaked it.. started sketching on a bumpy amtrak ride home.

i wanna bring a projector to saturday. hope we can get juice from those outlets out there in the square on saturday ;p

IC is my new anti-drug ;D

k bye

This just in.....

Cartoon Network bows the Cartoonstitute: A 'think tank' for animators

An interesting development within Cartoon Network was overshadowed by the slew of other announcements unveiled at the cabler's upfront presentation last week.

Rob Sorcher, Cartoon Net's newly appointed chief content officer, is spearheading a development initiative they've dubbed the "Cartoonstitute." Sorcher (pictured left) wants to get a bunch of original development in the works pronto (insert a Hanna-Barbera zoink and pat-a-pat-a-pat-a-pat sound of running bare feet here), and so he's carving out a space with the Burbank-based Cartoon Studios facility for an artists colony that he hopes will harvest funny fruit in the near future.

Cartoonstitute will be run by two veteran Cartoon Net producers, Craig McCracken, of "Powerpuff Girls" and 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" fame, and Rob Renzetti ("My Life as a Teenage Robot"). Sorcher aims to put six artists to work full-time on pilots and short segments for the channel immediately, under the guidance of McCracken and Renzetti. As many as 30 more artists -- some already in-house at Cartoon, some new to the toon net tent -- will be brought in to pitch in and/or develop their own ideas at any given time, particularly when they're on production hiatus from other Cartoon Net shows.

Sorcher was part of the early Cartoon Net exec team in the mid-1990s and rejoined the channel in January after six years at AMC. He wants to generate 150 bits of programming for Cartoon Net during the next 20 months. It's an ambitious target, and a sign of how eager the new programming chief is to inject new characters and fresh yuks into Cartoon. The mission, as Sorcher sees it, is to create a "think tank" for animators. A productive think tank.

"I wanted to put a swift development track together," he says, "but the other side of it is thinking about long-term development and what it takes to get a successful cartoon series. I know that a lot of it comes from setting out the conditions where artists and writes can really succeed at doing that. We started thinking about how to create an environment where this kind of creative thinking can happen."

McCracken and Renzetti will oversee the operation in their own dedicated area of the Cartoon Studios building, with McCracken serving as exec producer and Renzetti as supervising producer. Cartoon is close to wrapping its first batch of development pacts to fuel its development drive. (McCracken is pictured at right at the 2007 Annie Awards where he picked up a kudo for "Foster's.")

Putting the initiative in the hands of artists was important because they'll be able to speak to and work with other ink- and paint- and CG-stained wretches in a way that no executive ever could. One thing Sorcher's learned is that in many cases, a cartoon character needs to be developed and refined on its own, before the many other elements of a show are determined.

"Many times an artist has an idea for a character, but it becomes a big obstacle if you ask them to pitch you the entire show before you move forward," Sorcher sez. "It can be so daunting that the ideas go nowhere; I've seen it happen. So the idea is to get people immediately working on ideas, concepts, drawings. We want artists talking to artists and putting their notions on paper. Then we'll figure out if there is a hit series" lurking among those characters and concepts, Sorcher says.

Because of the need for speed, Cartoon Net is looking for animators, scribes, directors and storyboarders with experience. They're not setting up a recruiting station on the campus of Cal Arts, though over time Sorcher sez he'd love to expand the Cartoonstitute to include an apprenticeship-type program for promising art students.

"This is a huge deal. The goal is for us to become premier television studio where animators want to work," Sorcher sez. "This should be the environment where they dream about coming to do there shows, where the process (of development) is respected and led by artists."

Hey IC this sounds sick!!! Just wanted to share some animation news with you guys.

Also from our past Goudeau meeting here is BayCat's information:

Bay view Hunters Point for Arts & Technology

2415 Third St. Suite 230

SFO, CA 94107

President Villy Wang



Bay Cat is an Arts Center that teaches under privileged youth about different areas in the arts and technology.

Also Check out this site:

Common Ties is looking for illustrators for their Orphans Questions and Answers book.
On the link above are all the remaining answers that have not been illustrated. This is a paying gig so think about it and look at the submission guidelines. One more thing I may not be able to make our Saturday Art Alley date, I just remembered I'm helping the kids at my church with a paint ball field trip here in Vallejo. I rather not be shot at but I gotta serve the Lord.

God bless and interesting thoughts Nico...

-SRS/Brandon Robinson

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another way to earn income

Hey guys.
I forgot to mention it today, but I know of a site that may give you a chance to earn some money utilizing your art and opinions.
Check out this site:

I also noticed that within the meetings, everyone is beginning to voice themselves more. That is Hella Dope.
I strongly agree with The 3's (Anthony, Nick, and Sherwin) point they made. If I can remember, it went something like this:

I know we have our own things as Artists, but I'd like to see more collaboration.

Maybe we could do some videoOgraphPhoto/graph-Live art thing?

Fuck yeah!

Anyways, once we all get to understand more of where each of us is coming from, it will definitely become more clear as to what our goals and Visions are.
This is really the meat and potatoes of Individual Collective. With clear understanding comes intense focus and high-level performance. High-level performance= "shitting on the game".
So comon' guys, lets shit everywhere!

Nico Here, over and out!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Goudeau Meeting

I don't know about everyone else but it was very exciting to meet people who have the knowledge and experience the Goudeaus have. As with Harold, they see the potential of what we're trying to do and are willing to share their experience and help "mentor" us in whatever direction we choose.

For those that missed it, here's a quick summary:

The meeting part of the meeting began with us all sitting together and explaining to the Goudeaus what Individual Collective's goals and aspirations were for the future of the group. As we went around, I started to realize, now more than ever, how important that press kit/mission statement is. With our goals on paper, we can directly focus our efforts into achieving them. We have the power, the skill, and the drive necessary to do whatever we set out in front of us. I feel like IC is sitting on a powder keg, and all we're waiting for is the match to light the fuse.

Among other things, an art book was mentioned; which to me, sounded like the press kit we planned, just bound together in a book. This will require EVERYONE to write up an individual bio, and have images of past, present, and if you have a time machine at your disposal, future work. We should set up a day, perhaps next meeting, when we can take pictures of everyone's pieces. I think it should all be done, if not on the same day, at least in the same location, so we can make sure we have consistent lighting. For those with smaller works, I'm offering my scanner and photoshop skills to your disposal. Just hit me up to set up a time where you can bring your pieces to my place. We'll also probably need pictures of each artist, and perhaps a group shot with all the members together.

The Goudeaus also offered their gallery as a meeting place for us twice a month. So not only will we have a place to hold our meetings, but they will help mentor us in making good decisions. This doesn't mean that we're relinquishing control to them, but heed their advice with an open ear, because it comes from YEARS of experience. In exchange for this, we will be helping them set up their next show. On the 15th and the 29th of April we'll show up, have our meeting, and then help out by moving things, painting walls, etc. This not only pays for our meeting space, but also gives us hands on experience on how a gallery is set up and run, something I know we could all use. We'll be able to see first hand what goes into planning a professional show, and use that information when we eventually set up our own.

After the talking portion of the meeting, we took a tour around the gallery. They showed us all the space they had open, and how they typically setup the area for a show. When she mentioned that we'd be able to paint the walls as long as we painted them back, I think I saw JR drool a little. Ha! Though the gallery looks small on the outside, there's a lot of interesting areas that we could possibly make use of. There was a small studio space they were renting out for $150 a month, which I'd be willing to take. It looks like it could fit 2 tables and provide a nice little work space. If anyone else wants to get down, lemme know! There's also a nice work area in the back where they used to do life drawing. It has a lot of good lighting and a plain backdrop. It will be open to us throughout the week if we'd like to use it to take shots of our work.

After the tour, we talked a little more one-on-one, and they looked through the work we provided. It was very well met. But you guys knew we were dope already, so thats a given. Ha! We also were able to show a draft of the press kit (pamphlet? brochure? I don't think its quite a kit yet), and after some well spoken advice and bartering on who would take the 2 desks they were giving away, we parted ways for the night. Visions of the future dancing around in my head...

So the things we need to get cracking on:
  • Bios for IC and each individual artist. Make sure to list things like influences, inspirations, goals, etc. if you're having trouble coming up with stuff.
  • Images of work that will appear in our art book/press kit
  • Individual and Collective photos of the artists. (See what I did there? Individual? Collective? eh? You like that?)
  • Finish the brochure.
Don't forget to keep creating too! I know we have a lot going on planning-wise, but lets not lose sight on the main reason we get together in the first place! Come by Saturday to the Farmer's Market for another round of painting, and next week Tuesday we'll be back up at Starbucks. I've spoke my peace about the meeting, but I look forward to hearing everyone else's insight. Until next time!

Get up. Stay up.