Saturday, May 3, 2008

Art Book call for entries.....

Hey IC! I just found out about this on Thursday.
Illustrator Alberto Ruiz has just opened call for entries for his second annual art book:
"Eye Candy from Strangers". My boy Rob from NY was in last years and it's been great exposure for up incoming artists . If your interested all the rules and regulations are on the link below. I'm going to enter this year because I was invited last year and didn't take the opportunity. Well I'm just sharing the news. Also I'm reading the transcript for the Graphic Novel job the Goudeau's offered us. I'll let you know the goods on this project soon.


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Nick said...

This sounds tight... although it kind of sucks he'll be making money off of our pieces, it'll be some good exposure if you make it in. I'll be submitting stuff =)