Friday, September 19, 2008

The Best of Times, The Worst of times

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times", some one said.

Well let's start with the Good News:

I had lunch in Emeryville with Pixar Studio Superstars Doug Dooley and none other than blog spot's and the pop art megastar BILL PRESSING!!!!! Doug, Bill, Kan, and I eat at an Indian Restaurant up the street from Pixar's Campus. It was fun talking about childhood memories , the animation world, and gaining some knowledge from some cool kids from one of the illlest animation studios world wide. After that me Kan went to Boarders and looked at art books and comics and caught up on life. Towards the end of the day we went to Hilltop Mall and took some pics since I won't see my bro for a while now that he lives and teaches in So Cal.

Second thing is Individual Collective got the chance of a life time, we're doing a mural at a unique restaurant called Mooliscious. Mooliscious is a cereal bar (yes , cereal bar) where you can have your choice of 40 kinds of breakfast cereal anytime you want. Not only that but their is all sorts of cereal themed foods! But anyhow, IC is creating a mural and doing some stuff to add to this totally hip restaurant. Our Mural has a cereal theme and if your a kid who lived through the 80's and 90's you'll dig our work and this store. We've never done something like this together outside of live art and the chalk event in Napa earlier this year.

And for the Bad News:

I got a new job and as of last week I got fired. I've been struggling financially this majority of this month. Truth is I wanted to quit the job 2 weeks after I got it, but I feel humiliated. I've never been fired from any of my jobs in the past. Man this year has been filled with really awesome ups and major downs. I can't wait for the day that I get a job in my field and have the satisfaction of working in a place where I have respect and dignity. I've had major troubles with my faith and now I feel kinda bad cause God is making a way while I was angry and frustrated by my circumstances.

Even though the times are tough, God's still good and as I rejoice he's turns my sorrows into joy.
As I looked at these photos it made me feel happy about the good things I have in my life and the good things that have happend this year.


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