Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Your So Talented!... but we won't give you a job"...

Criticism and Praise. Two powerful forces based on an opinion and speech.
Since the last time I updated, I've gotten 3 rejections from 3 different companies.
Since I've graduated school I've gotten a total of 17 rejections and peppered in those rejections were some sort of criticism or a half hearted excuse why I didn't get the job. On the other side of the coin, normal people and common folks will say things like " Your So Talented!", " You should be working for Lucas!", " Wow such a gift!" etc. I've been in the middle of these two fields for almost 2 years now and to be honest I'm totally confused!

Basically what this means is (for lack of a better term) I'm the Lukewarm Pro/Vis. Dev.-Artist i.e The "Nutrasweet/Equal/Sweet n' Low/Diet" of the artworld. Tastes great but, not like the real thing. It's really great to be recognized for your gifts and talent in art but , it sucks to have them constantly dismissed or rejected by the Entertainment Industry money driven standards. Well, I'm just blowing off steam and laughing at the same time about my cool quip I thought of.

A Beautiful Letdown: the low calorie substitue to your fattening Art & Entertainment Industry!
LMBO!!! Well God is still in control and he's making a special place for me in life and after this life!
He'll open a door that no man can shut, and that likes Diet for a change.... By the way please visit my recently remodeled blog! Tell me what you think!


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