Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Call for artists:

title: "The Highest Lows: A Lowbrow Tribute to Fine Art"
date: May 16th 2009 - closing TBD
location: 419 Georgia st., Suite # 30 Vallejo, Ca 94590

Costs: TBD

Event Details:

This Gallery Showcase is taking Classical or Academy style Fine Art and mashing it up with it's Popular opposite Lowbrow Art.

The artists in the show will create art using the classical techniques and style of Fine Art (High) with the focused subject matter of the pieces being Lowbrow (low). ( Fine Art style : Figure Drawing, Still Life, Land Scape,portraiture, photography etc. with subject matter often found in Lowbrow: Spray cans, Gothic, Hip-hop, pop surrealism, Punk, Urban Landscapes, youth etc.) For Examples see the Artist Banksy. There will be a brainstorming session for all artists involved in show.

Signups close this Sunday (March 29th).. contact any IC member for more details.

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