Thursday, May 28, 2009


"Paper Chase" will feature sketch drawings from any and all artists of any age and any skill level. So if you or anyone you know ever wanted to be in an Individual Collective show, nows your chance! All works are to be done in ink, pencil, or marker. MUST BE ON PAPER!!! The community wall is dedicated to all artists wanting to participate. Drawings will be arranged by IC in a GIGANTIC collage! This wall will be a pre-planned collaborative piece, with interaction and attention to composition and space. Call for artists is open throughout the show and requires no registration. SHOW OPENS ON JUNE 20TH!

medium requirements:

* ink/pencil/marker on paper.. (no thicker than standard posterboard)

size: do any combination of the following

* unlimited pages @ post it size 3"x3" or lower
* 20 pages @ letter 8.5"x11",
* 10 @ newsprint pad 24"x36"

please coordinate with IC for works that exceed the paper limitations.


You can give your submission to an IC representative, drop them off at the gallery Tuesday nights 8PM-10PM or mail them in to:

Individual Collective 
Attn: Paper Chase
419 Georgia St Ste 30 
Vallejo CA 94590

all drawings must be submitted before 6.16.09
all late submissions will be added to the community wall.
submissions be available for pick-up 1 week after the show closes unless otherwise arranged.

It doesn't matter if you're a professional artist or if you've never drawn a day in your life, if you put something down on paper, it gets in! It's as easy as that!!! Pass it on!!!


.r ssej said...

hey you don't specify if they can use color or not and if they get their peice back

Anastasia said...

can the work be sent by mail? where?

Nick said...

you can mail your submissions to the gallery

Individual Collective
Attn: Paper Chase
419 Georgia St Ste 30
Vallejo CA 94590