Saturday, March 29, 2008

Listen and Be Heard Cafe Closes: A call to the Individual Collective

Hey IC it's Brandon. As of March 29th, 2008 Listen and Be Heard Cafe closed it's doors.
L&BH was an amazing melting pot of Art, Music, Poetry and was a major catalyst for the Vallejo Art Community. They began having Poetry Slams and Band Shows at the former Rapheal's in 2002 and soon took their shows into their own Cafe on Marin St. When I found out last week that they were closing I became very sad. The owner's Mr. and Mrs. Mims were very kind to me and they did great work to spread the arts in our town. Even though they will continue a L&BH online magazine and may do more events in the future, this day marks another great casualty to the Vallejo Art Scene. A new friend of mine charged me as a Young Vallejo Artist to not allow the flames that L&BH started up die and I take that charge to my Brothers and Sisters of the Individual Collective! I believe in my heart that the I.C. is going to be the new torch that will blaze a great trail for the Arts in Vallejo! We can't let the ones who have worked so hard to keep Art alive down, I know are shows will make waves. So Get Ready Yallz!

For Next Tuesday:

The Goudeau Gallery is on 930 Marin st. Cross streets are Florida and Marin.
Bring some samples of your works to show to Mrs. Goudeau. I know we'll learn alot.
Gods on our side and he's making things happen!

-Brandon Robinson, SRS/I.C.

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