Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Goudeau Meeting

I don't know about everyone else but it was very exciting to meet people who have the knowledge and experience the Goudeaus have. As with Harold, they see the potential of what we're trying to do and are willing to share their experience and help "mentor" us in whatever direction we choose.

For those that missed it, here's a quick summary:

The meeting part of the meeting began with us all sitting together and explaining to the Goudeaus what Individual Collective's goals and aspirations were for the future of the group. As we went around, I started to realize, now more than ever, how important that press kit/mission statement is. With our goals on paper, we can directly focus our efforts into achieving them. We have the power, the skill, and the drive necessary to do whatever we set out in front of us. I feel like IC is sitting on a powder keg, and all we're waiting for is the match to light the fuse.

Among other things, an art book was mentioned; which to me, sounded like the press kit we planned, just bound together in a book. This will require EVERYONE to write up an individual bio, and have images of past, present, and if you have a time machine at your disposal, future work. We should set up a day, perhaps next meeting, when we can take pictures of everyone's pieces. I think it should all be done, if not on the same day, at least in the same location, so we can make sure we have consistent lighting. For those with smaller works, I'm offering my scanner and photoshop skills to your disposal. Just hit me up to set up a time where you can bring your pieces to my place. We'll also probably need pictures of each artist, and perhaps a group shot with all the members together.

The Goudeaus also offered their gallery as a meeting place for us twice a month. So not only will we have a place to hold our meetings, but they will help mentor us in making good decisions. This doesn't mean that we're relinquishing control to them, but heed their advice with an open ear, because it comes from YEARS of experience. In exchange for this, we will be helping them set up their next show. On the 15th and the 29th of April we'll show up, have our meeting, and then help out by moving things, painting walls, etc. This not only pays for our meeting space, but also gives us hands on experience on how a gallery is set up and run, something I know we could all use. We'll be able to see first hand what goes into planning a professional show, and use that information when we eventually set up our own.

After the talking portion of the meeting, we took a tour around the gallery. They showed us all the space they had open, and how they typically setup the area for a show. When she mentioned that we'd be able to paint the walls as long as we painted them back, I think I saw JR drool a little. Ha! Though the gallery looks small on the outside, there's a lot of interesting areas that we could possibly make use of. There was a small studio space they were renting out for $150 a month, which I'd be willing to take. It looks like it could fit 2 tables and provide a nice little work space. If anyone else wants to get down, lemme know! There's also a nice work area in the back where they used to do life drawing. It has a lot of good lighting and a plain backdrop. It will be open to us throughout the week if we'd like to use it to take shots of our work.

After the tour, we talked a little more one-on-one, and they looked through the work we provided. It was very well met. But you guys knew we were dope already, so thats a given. Ha! We also were able to show a draft of the press kit (pamphlet? brochure? I don't think its quite a kit yet), and after some well spoken advice and bartering on who would take the 2 desks they were giving away, we parted ways for the night. Visions of the future dancing around in my head...

So the things we need to get cracking on:
  • Bios for IC and each individual artist. Make sure to list things like influences, inspirations, goals, etc. if you're having trouble coming up with stuff.
  • Images of work that will appear in our art book/press kit
  • Individual and Collective photos of the artists. (See what I did there? Individual? Collective? eh? You like that?)
  • Finish the brochure.
Don't forget to keep creating too! I know we have a lot going on planning-wise, but lets not lose sight on the main reason we get together in the first place! Come by Saturday to the Farmer's Market for another round of painting, and next week Tuesday we'll be back up at Starbucks. I've spoke my peace about the meeting, but I look forward to hearing everyone else's insight. Until next time!

Get up. Stay up.

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