Monday, June 9, 2008

Collabo with the artist SMURF

how could i not pass up a collabo with the artist Smurf, with a piece that was already awesome to start off with. so we met at tapx and i got going...

as written by Smurf:
'As the sun was setting in Vallejo, I found myself sitting among so of the best artist's I've ever met. Dyno, being the one of the most influential artist's in my career gave me the honor of collaborating with him and hanging out with his crew, Individual Collective. I met a fair number of his friends and was amazed at how much their love of art brings them together to these sessions. I plan on going more often and continue my art in the future so be ready to see a good number of pieces from me pretty soon in the coming summer.

ps-sorry if the view of my boxers offends you. refrain from staring at the bottom left corner of the video...

-JR aka DYNO

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Ant said...

Nice...we need to do more time lapse like this