Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a couple days later and im still wishing i was still on a road trip...random blogness...

-i can't even explain how fun and inspirational LA was. checking out all the dope art made me want to up my skill level. so expect alot of experimental pieces.

-i have so many ideas and projects i want to get started.

-new dreams...just to name a few:

an art tour. i have always LOVED to travel far and wide around california...n.america...around the GLOBE! and i think in the future, art will be the reason that dream comes true.

making my family, friends, and vallejo proud. not just for the fame, but to show that i am getting by with what my passion is. i want to be the one my dad searches on youtube for other than charice pepinko, journey, and happy slip.

-yea, i am now single from my longest relationship and as much as i miss having a girlfriend, i realized i shouldn't be thinking about relationships right now. i'm at a point where i should be focused on my goals. SO I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYMORE RUMORS or 'ooooOooOooo....' just because i made some interaction with the opposite sex. now don't get the wrong idea, im not shutting out any females in my life. im not saying any girl doesn't have a chance with me, it would be nice to meet someone and 'click'. i miss having someone to watch movies with and someone to talk to about the things that bug me in the world. but im not like, SEARCHING or HUNTING out there. heck, i don't even have 'game'. haha.

-i need to order some stickers

-i should be working on my book this summer

-damn im at starbucks or tapioca everyday, painting, drawing, yea, HIT ME UP! i have soooo much free time now...but sucks that everyone is still at work.

i think that's enough random blogness....

-SUMMER IS HERE, so lets do it BIG!

'only got one life to live, so live it the best you can, the world can use one less man'-Nas (that line been in my head the whole day)


StudioRisingStar said...

I know what you mean saurus...
I wish I was on that trip with yallz!
I agree on the art tour deal man.
Lets hang tommarow!


Nick said...

"Imagine if, instead of going back home, we had another art show to do tomorrow..." -Nick

Man.. that would be a dream come true. I definitely want to travel around the globe some day for my art. Our little trip showed me what it could be like y'know?... It felt like just the tip of the iceberg, and soon we'll be ".. lets go to sleep in Paris, wake up in Tokyo.."

When's the next one!?!

sherwin said...

live it up!