Thursday, April 17, 2008

importance of Bios

After the last meeting with Ms. G I think that we have a better understanding of what we need to do as a group.

I realized that our bios are very important. If we are not clear what we want and what our own personal goals are, we will not know what we want from IC. In making our bios, we can get a better understanding of where everybody stands in the group. Also getting to know one another will make us more unified as a group. These bios are not only for people to see what we are about, but to make clear and make us remember why we are artist and why we are in IC. Once everyones bios are done, we can all read them and to find what our common goals are. This will enable us to make a stronger mission statement and a stronger press kit.

As of now, it is really important for us to get this all done because we are meeting a lot of important people, but it is hard to represent ourselves because our mission statement is not set in stone.

All we need to do is just keep pushing forward.


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