Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Bios and Press Kit

Hey IC!

Just got done with a very informative meeting with Jeanette and here's where we stand. Before anything happens, we need that press kit completed with all of our bios and mission statement. So, after talking amongst everyone at the meeting, it was agreed that by the next meeting (Tuesday, April 22nd @ Federley Gallery... or however you spell it) everyone should have their bios completed. Here's what you should have:

- A photo of yourself
- No less than 4 images of your work. (Some current work, and some older stuff to show your development)
- A written bio about who you are
- An written artist statement about your artwork

The written stuff can be in any format: typed, handwritten, stone tablet, whatever... your images, since they will be used in print should be as big as you can possibly get them. Either take photos (call our photographers!) or high res scans (300dpi at least). No matter how you do it, get it to Nico at nrafael@myway.com before Tuesday or bring it to the meeting to ensure you make it into the press kit. If not, we cannot promise that you will be represented!! So there it is! TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY!!!! You have been warned!!

If there are any questions, concerns, or you just need some help, don't be afraid to hook up with someone so that you can get this done. Never forget, we are here to help each other out and to look out for one another. This group isn't called Individual Individuals... Plus I need other people to call me besides my girlfriend an my mommy because I'm not using enough minutes on my phone to justify my rate plan.

Oh... and, Tuesday! ... *one more for good measure*

Get Up. Stay Up.

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