Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dyno on MYX TV and umquabajaaja bank news.

MYX TV VJ James rocks a DYNO is my homeboy shirt on his show, Loveable.

check out
for more info on your Asian-American Music Channel.

ps. i called up Sharron, the one who invited us to do a show at the bank across starbucks, and she says its on May 30th.
i asked if we can have our names on the flyer and shes going to try her best on that one. i think we can really throw a good event with this. and even a place to exhibit our pieces. what you guys think?


Nick said...

So is it postponed? or are we doing one this Friday and one in May?

sherwin said...

i wanna paint at umqpaupadusupercalifragilisticexpaladociousqua bank!