Monday, April 14, 2008

THings to think about.

Hey guys,
So because there was some kinks that had to be worked out the equipment wasn't available for the shoot at the farmers market. So we will commence with production as spoken about in the last meting . Same time same place hopefully every body can make it.

If you are not available for the farmers market shoot consider us filming our next meeting to allow a presentation of our commitment to be available for the future.

Oh and our myspace is looking a little boaring time for a new back ground. Im thinking once we have our head shots we could put them all on one jpeg and boom a cool back ground. Im just hoping that we stay focused so things dont fall through the cracks.

--the YOung one VIRGIL--

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Nick said...

yeah...we need to stay on top of certain things. I think in the future, we may need someone to head up the Myspace... almost like a webmaster for a website.

More importantly though... we need to get those profiles going for our press kit! =)