Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another way to earn income

Hey guys.
I forgot to mention it today, but I know of a site that may give you a chance to earn some money utilizing your art and opinions.
Check out this site:

I also noticed that within the meetings, everyone is beginning to voice themselves more. That is Hella Dope.
I strongly agree with The 3's (Anthony, Nick, and Sherwin) point they made. If I can remember, it went something like this:

I know we have our own things as Artists, but I'd like to see more collaboration.

Maybe we could do some videoOgraphPhoto/graph-Live art thing?

Fuck yeah!

Anyways, once we all get to understand more of where each of us is coming from, it will definitely become more clear as to what our goals and Visions are.
This is really the meat and potatoes of Individual Collective. With clear understanding comes intense focus and high-level performance. High-level performance= "shitting on the game".
So comon' guys, lets shit everywhere!

Nico Here, over and out!


Dyno said...

im about to have some meat and potatoes right now.
and yea, i agree on collaborating more and involving not just painters but the other artists as well.

StudioRisingStar said...

Great thoughts Nico! I agree on all terms! I want my meat n potatoes!


Nick said...

Just make sure we don't shit on meat and potatoes.

On a serious note though. I'm glad to see more people get vocal. Cause, as much as I LOVE to hear myself talk, this group isn't about just me.

Who wants to collab!?